Horse Rider Registration Form

Please fill in the form below for yourself / your child as the horse rider. The information you provide is securely held in strict confidence and is for our own  records / in case of emergency.

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What to Expect

Understanding is the key to success
Our lessons are for you as individuals and we are always aware that people learn differently and we style the lessons accordingly. Our core belief is that you must fully understand what is happening and why. We would never expect you to do something you aren’t comfortable with, don’t understand or just because we say so. We give everyone the opportunity to create a positive, safe, prosperous relationship with the horses. Understanding how they think and see the world is key and it underpins everything else. This involves learning from the ground and saddle.

Honesty and Communication 
Honest and open communication is necessary when learning new things. We will ask you a lot of questions (and will encourage and welcome them from you). You will be taught to truly see, hear and think. This will help you to develop your feel and trust in your own intuition without the interruptions, worries and hang ups that often cloud our lives. You will learn how to find your courage and not let fear stop you from taking part and achieving. 

Learning through trust and respect for ourselves, each other and the animals is a constant here. It is our priority that all of you are taught in a safe, positive environment. Horses are big, powerful, strong animals with their own minds. This makes working with them extremely rewarding but there are obvious dangers. 

Rachel has a lifetime of experience and her team of helpers are well trusted and respected by herself and the horses. They have been taught here for many years, understand the way we do things and are here to support your lesson. Their time and expertise puts the public in a much safer environment to learn and enjoy. 

Our horses and ponies are well trained and cared for and we know their behaviours, personalities, and quirks well. Please trust and respect that we will look after you and carefully listen to any advice we give.

Practical Advice

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather and remember that it may get muddy or hairy!

Trousers must be comfortable to move in and soft so that they do not damage the saddle. Stretchy leggings or jogging bottoms are ideal if you don’t have jodphurs. Jeans are not suitable. 

You don’t need specialised boots to begin with. Wellies, boots or shoes are fine but they should ideally have a small heel. This is to prevent your foot slipping through the stirrups. Trainers are not suitable.

Gloves are recommended for all riders. 

We have a selection of hats in a range of sizes which you can borrow free of charge. 

We also have a small selection of body protectors. 

We rarely cancel lessons and work through rain, snow and the occasional heatwave! If your lesson needs to be rearranged or cancelled we will contact you and we will always try to give you at least 24 hours notice (extreme situations may prevent this). If you need to reschedule or cancel a lesson we would ask that you contact us at the earliest opportunity, thank you.  

Cancellation fees
We aim to provide a service for all and hate to turn people away. Cancelling your lesson last minute often means an empty slot which we could have given to someone else. For this reason we do impose fees for cancelled lessons. 

  • More than 24 hours notice – no charge
  • Between 24 and 12 hours notice – 50% of your lesson cost will be payable
  • Less than 12 hours notice – will mean paying the full cost of your lesson

We may adapt your lesson to be safer or more enjoyable for the conditions. For example, if it is very warm we might retreat to the shade and go on a ride up the lane or in our field. We will discuss this with you. 

Ideally payment should be made at the time of your lesson. Bank transfer is preferred. 

We have parking spaces available on our drive and ask that you don’t park on the road please.