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Apples Equestrian

Where understanding is the key to success

Welcome to Apples Equestrian

my home and family business in Leigh Sinton, Worcestershire.

“talking to animals, adventures and magic”

A parent once said that for her daughter walking through the gates was like stepping into Narnia, a place of talking animals, adventures, and magic. It is a special place to begin a lifetime connection with horses. Here, you can learn and develop skills to help them through their lives.

“reconnect with yourself”

For adults, Apples Equestrian is a retreat, a place to escape the stresses of modern life for an hour or two, slow down, and reconnect with yourself.

To our four-legged friends, it is a sanctuary and a forever home. Many of our ponies and horses are rescues with stories to share and lessons to teach.

Horses are great listeners. They don’t judge but will reflect and show you what they see and feel from you. At Apples Equestrian, we will support you to think about who you are, focus on what you need (which isn’t necessarily what you want), and develop and honor your truest self.

“communication, respect and understanding”

We offer a variety of lessons both on and off the horse, and we tailor what we do exactly to your specific needs and aspirations.

If you are looking to learn and develop these important life skills through trust and respect, Apples Equestrian can support you. All our lessons stem from communication, respect, and understanding.

If you want to just ride and judge your achievements on what you can get the horse to do, then Apples Equestrian may not be for you.

Old Cider Mill Cottage,
Stitchens Hill, Leigh Sinton,
Malvern, WR13 5DJ

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