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About us

Meet Rachel

Apples equestrian, Leigh Sinton, Malvern Rachel

I am incredibly proud of what we do at Apples Equestrian.
Our motto ‘Where understanding is the key to success.’ sums up our ethos.

I believe that people should give horses trust and respect – not transmit feelings of fear and dominance. This is what I teach at my school where classes are kept small and the emphasis is on care and friendship.

I have a lifetime of experience with horses, have a Horse Society Level II Certificate in Stable Management and I am a qualified riding instructor.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting and sharing your equine journey.

Apples equestrian, Leigh Sinton, Malvern Rachel love horse

About us

Meet the Horses


The most kind and respectful horse. He loves to party and is a true gentleman.


The youngest of the group. He’s a fun loving cob, who has a lot to learn.


Beautiful. Just like her name suggests. She’s the leader of our pack, with a heart of gold.


A loving mare, who truly wears her heart on her sleeve.


Bred to jump. He’s a gentle giant, with a competitive background


Born wild, but now is the perfect little pony. Very forward going and loves to look the part.


The cuddliest cheeky chap and Tommy’s best friend. Loved by everyone.


The most laid back boy, who just loves to be loved.


One of the old boys. The loveliest and cheekiest boy, with the largest fan club.

About us

Meet the Animal Family

Elsie and Hilda





The Birds

Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Ducks, Geese


The sheep


Old Cider Mill Cottage,
Stitchens Hill, Leigh Sinton,
Malvern, WR13 5DJ

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