understanding sessions

understanding sessions

Every other Saturday 9-11 am and 3-5 pm
We can also offer them in the week by arrangement.
£25 per session

Apples equestrian, Leigh Sinton, Malvern respect
Horse riding is unlike almost all other sports and hobbies. Your closest ally and friend is a living, breathing animal with its own thoughts, feelings and priorities.
Honest, clear communication is necessary to all friendships and sucessful teams. It helps build trust, shares expectations and defines boundaries.  Communication is even more important when your team mate is a big, strong animal. Made even more tricky because they don’t ‘speak’ your language.
Our understanding sessions are non ridden. They cover all other aspects of working with and caring for the horses. We will teach you to listen and talk to the horses by developing your skills in body language, intuition and thoughtful observation.
Learning about their lives, their needs and wants helps to give context to a horses behaviour. Seeing the world through their eyes we can learn that their actions are not ‘naughty’ but are often reactions to fear, anxiety or a unfulfilled need. Understanding this can then help ease our own worries.
The sessions are friendly, relaxed and suitable for all. We welcome questions and appreciate that everyone has their own goals. We work at a pace to suit each individual. The aim is to develop confident, fulfilling and rewarding relationships with the horses.

Old Cider Mill Cottage,
Stitchens Hill, Leigh Sinton,
Malvern, WR13 5DJ

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